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Pangyuan Leasing South East Asia Headquarter Management Center Realizes Substantial Progress

Company News
2018/03/13 09:20
Along the “Belt and Road” extension overseas business
- Substantial progress achieved in the Pangyuan Leasing Southeast Asia Headquarters Management Center
At the beginning of the new year, in order to accelerate the promotion of overseas market operations, with the approval of Shaan Construction Machinery, on January 2 this year, a subsidiary of Shanghai Pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pangyuan Leasing) Malaysia Pangyuan Leasing Co., Ltd., with a total of 6.9 million Malaysian horses ( About RMB 11.185 million) In the northern part of Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia, 6.47 acres (about 26,183.16 square meters) of industrial land were purchased for the construction of the Pangyuan Leasing Southeast Asia Headquarters Management Center.
The site is adjacent to the newly opened Tortuga Expressway and is about 35 kilometers from the Kuala Lumpur landmark architectural twin towers. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient.
This project will serve as the management and control base of Pangyuan Leasing in Southeast Asia. After completion and production, it will become the production and operation center, intelligent monitoring center, and big data processing center in Southeast Asia. The business scope will radiate the entire “Belt and Road” Southeast Asia segment, and will further Enhancing the brand image of Pangyuan Leasing and its popularity in Southeast Asia is a milestone for the development of Pangyuan Leasing’s “going out” strategy.