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Corporate Vision: To Become a Leader in the Global Construction Machinery Leasing Industry
We are committed to becoming a professional machinery leasing professional service provider with customers' trust for the lifetime, the most development vitality and market value;
We advocate continuous self-improvement, achieve quantitative growth from quantitative growth to qualitative value growth, seek common development with customers, work together with employees to create happiness, create wealth for shareholders, and become the most respected customer in China's construction machinery leasing industry. Preferred service benchmark
We encourage innovation, aggressiveness, and social responsibility. We hope that through the unremitting efforts of each Pangyuan people, we will continuously improve the overall position of the construction machinery leasing industry, making it a respected industry, and making China an economic power as soon as possible. Contributions;
Corporate mission: Yuet customers take care of service, pro-employee, feed back shareholder value, and report to society.
Yue customer service
We are committed to satisfying customers' needs for professional services in construction machinery, pursuing excellence in business and services, and paying attention to customer intrinsic needs, and helping customers to successfully complete various engineering tasks, so that customers can truly feel at ease.
Dear employees,
We are committed to creating a good humane environment, providing employees with a fair working environment and a good career planning. Our employees can get the best training opportunities and realize their value in Pangyuan.
Feeding shareholders for value
We are committed to efficient operation and management and an effective internal control system to ensure that shareholder capital maximizes value within a controllable level of risk. We focus on the innovation of service varieties and methods, the management of brands and assets, and achieve a reasonable rate of return on shareholders, which is higher than the growth rate of the industry.
Newspaper society and harmony
We are committed to providing services to our customers, enabling them to develop and contribute to social stability. Actively participate in social welfare undertakings and give back to society.
Core values: gratitude, integrity, professionalism, dedication
Thanks to customers, there is no company without customers, customers are the source of our Pang source, and the source of survival. Grateful employees, no employees, no Pangyuan development, take good care of employees, employees will take care of customers; Thanksgiving shareholders , suppliers and friends from all walks of life are their support and trust, providing a good business environment for Pangyuan and building the backing for Pangyuan for long-term development;
We respect our customers, keep our promises, and comply with ethical norms and build mutual trust. We strive to create an unimpeded communication channel and a frank and open work environment. We advocate heartfelt sincerity, honesty, transparency, trust and responsibility.
Specialized in the industry, professional is the foundation of Pangyuan. With our professional skills and skills, we provide our customers with safe, high-quality and efficient services in a professional spirit. We are committed to innovation and breakthrough, strive for excellence, and strive for excellence. Inspire employees to realize their potential, work together and create value that exceeds customer expectations.
Being courageous and responsible, and daring to play it, we always advocate the spirit. We encourage employees to be loyal to their careers, devote themselves wholeheartedly to their work, and focus on every commitment they make. Together, they are passionate about making Pang Yuan a respectable company!
Brand Proposition: Professional Services Create Value
We are committed to continuous innovation and breakthroughs, strive for excellence, the pursuit of excellence, provide customers with safe, high quality and efficient services, and create values ​​that exceed customer expectations.