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48-year-old Nantong Rencheng Jiangsu's eldest donor (Reporter Wang Jinxia) In order to save the life of a leukemia patient who is in desperation, Nantong hematopoietic stem cell donation volunteer Ding Hua (pictured above) resolutely went to Ning to donate marrow. Yesterday, he successfully donated 160 milliliters to send the seeds of life to strangers. Dinghua, 48, became the 247th patient in Jiangsu Province and the 15th hematopoietic stem cell donor volunteer in Nantong, the oldest volunteer donor in Jiangsu.

Ding Hua is the vice president of Nantong Pangyuan Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. He and his lover Luo Yanhong’s birthdays are in the first half and the second half respectively. On every birthday, these loving couples go hand in hand to donate blood. After the establishment of the Chinese Bone Marrow Bank, they were the first volunteers to donate hematopoietic stem cells in the city.

On November 11 last year, the Municipal Red Cross Society received a notice from the Provincial Red Cross Society Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Database Management Center. Dinghua and the pooled leukemia patients met the initial HLA matching. In accordance with the procedures related to donating marrow, the Hong Kong Society contacted Ding Hua and asked him and his family for advice. Ding Hua carefully filled out the “Remobilization Talk Record”, “Volunteer Health Checkup Form” and “Remobilize Informed Consent Form”. And four copies of the "Volunteer Remobilization Receipt" faxed to the Provincial Red Cross Society. On December 1st, the provincial Red Cross informed Ding Hua of high-resolution detection. On December 6th, Red Cross staff accompanied Ding Hua to conduct high-resolution sampling. The same day, blood samples were sent to the Suzhou Blood Center for testing. In February of this year, the Municipal Red Cross received a notice from the Provincial Red Cross, and at the end of February, Ding Hua had arranged for a comprehensive physical examination at the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University.

On May 2, the Municipal Red Cross received a notice from the Provincial Red Cross that Ding Hua signed the "Success Concerning Donation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells." On May 18th, Ding Hua arrived in Nanjing and officially embarked on a donation journey that conveyed hope for life. In Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Ding Hua began to mobilize agents on the morning of the 19th. Each morning and evening, each needle was prepared for the collection of hematopoietic stem cells four days later. .

When Ding Hua learns that he is the oldest volunteer donor in Jiangsu Province so far, the question he blurts out is not “Does this age donate hematopoietic stem cells will have a certain impact on my body?” but “I’m the oldest. Will the hematopoietic stem cells donated by me don't have enough activity to affect the patient's recovery?” Unselfish love was revealed in such inadvertent inquiry.
Yesterday at 8:30 am, after nearly 6 hours of collection, Ding Hua successfully donated 160 ml of hematopoietic stem cells.

During Ding Hua’s life, Meng Weihong, Secretary-General of the Nantong Red Cross Society, made a special trip to Nanjing to cheer up Ding Hua and express gratitude to Ding Hua and his lover, Luo Yanhong, on behalf of the Red Cross Society. Secretary General Meng said that it was the volunteers like Ding Hua that let the patients in desperate situations see the dawn of the future and let every ordinary person feel the sincere warmth. The spirit of the Red Cross's "humanity, fraternity, and dedication" is the result of the experience of every ordinary and great volunteer. It spreads love, and it also spreads emotion. I believe that with the mobilization and encouragement of volunteers and mortals, more and more caring people will join the loving family and send warmth and hope to more people who need care.

Donate hematopoietic stem cells and take 6 ml of blood samples to join the Chinese Bone Marrow Bank. Perhaps in the near future, you will be able to save the lives of a leukemia patient like Ding Hua.