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Company leaders went to Nanjing to visit Ding Hua


After learning that Nantong Pangyuan’s deputy chief and chief engineer Ding Hua donated hematopoietic stem cells, the company’s leaders took time off from Shanghai to rush to Nanjing Hospital on May 23 at 10:00 am to visit and condolence Ding Hua’s His family.

The leaders to visit are almost all senior executives. Mr. Chai Zhaoyi, President and Chairman, Ms. Su Wei, Executive Vice President, Mr. Shang Liqiang, Vice President, Mr. Ke Yihua, Vice President, Mr. Meng Zhifeng, Chief Engineer, and Mr. Meng Zhifeng, On behalf of the company’s trade union, he expressed his condolences to Ding Hua. Nantong Pangyuan Executive Director and General Manager Bao Zhongping and Jiangsu Pangyuan General Manager Pu Quanting were also present.

The website of the company and the website of the company's Party branch also reported on the 24th.