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Letter of thanks from family members of leukemia patients
I was the lover of the patient's family. When we first learned that you were successful with my wife, when we first learned that you were donating blood stem cells to my wife, you were already our closest friend. Dear ones, I'm ecstatic now. We once vowed that we would report your kindness with the best efforts of our life. But we don’t know your details yet and can’t take the time to go. On this occasion, on behalf of my wife, my family, and my relatives, I would like to express my highest respect to you and your family.


I have a child of ten years of age. The fact that a happy family was indebted by a sudden illness makes me unable to face the fact that the family feels overwhelmed and extremely sad and loses almost the strength of life. It feels like the day is coming soon. When the family did not know how to be good, my parents were all handicapped. My father-in-law fell awry during my hospital stay at my wife's wife, causing a broken leg, a bedridden, and a real life. I grabbed my neck and made it hard for me to breathe. I went home and looked at the elderly, and then smashed the unexplored child. My heart was broken. Later, with the assistance and cooperation of Dr. Zhao Guangsheng (Harmonica) and the Hematology Medical Group of the Second Hospital, with their guidance, concern and support, with the help of the China Bone Marrow Bank, you found this kind-hearted, helpful, selfless dedication. Great grace, good people, benefactors. We do not know how to repay you for a moment. Benefactor, you gave us new hope, you gave my wife the second life, is our savior, we all thank you, the patient's family members respect!