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Ding Hua's thank-you letter
I was the first batch of volunteers who were put into storage when the Chinese Marrow Bank was established in 2003. I had a customer many years ago. His son had leukemia and spent more than one million yuan to heal the disease. However, he eventually passed away after more than a year of illness because he could not find a suitable match. This matter has touched me very much. Later, we saw from the media reports that donated bone marrow can treat leukemia. We, the Nantong Red Cross Society, also launched a volunteer under the call of the Chinese Bone Marrow Bank, and I went to register.
After entering the database from the registration, I have been waiting for success. During this period, I received postcards from the China Bone Marrow Bank every year, but I waited for nine years and had not been successful in matching patients. I received a call from the Nantong Red Cross until the night of November 12 last year, saying that I was low with a patient. Resolve the matching pattern. At that time, I was on a business trip. Immediately after I received a phone call, I immediately agreed to the donation request. Immediately after the return, I went to the Nantong Red Cross to sign the “Remobilization Consent”. Then he waited for nearly six months. He experienced high-resolution blood tests, medical examinations, and retests. He was notified until the end of May. He was admitted to hospital on May 18 and made contributions on the 23rd.
Having experienced this donation, I have gained a lot of emotion:
First, the staff of Nantong Red Cross Society worked tirelessly to treat an ordinary leukemia patient. I was touched by the spirit of earnest and responsible work. Since I received the notice, the staff of the Nantong Red Cross Dai Yamei has been keeping in touch with me. He took me along with the high-resolution inspection, physical examination and re-examination, and accompanied me throughout the entire donation process; what touched me was when I entered the donation. The day before yesterday, Secretary-General Meng Weihong of the Nantong Red Cross made a special trip to Nanjing to visit. When I donated, Secretary-General Meng accompanied me in front of my bed and chatted with me; Chairman of the Nantong Red Cross’s Ni Kui also sent in a busy schedule. Very touching condolence message; When I lay too long, tingling hands and feet when the Red Club driver Zou Master also came to my bed to help me massage the hands and feet, the Red Cross staff to treat a genuine so ordinary The behavior of the donor deeply touched me.
Secondly, after receiving the donation notice, I was moved by the support of the leaders and colleagues of the unit. In particular, on the 23rd of donation, the head of Nantong Pangyuan Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., where I worked, and the superior unit of Shanghai Pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd. were limited. All senior executives of Shanghai led a special trip from Shanghai to Nanjing under the leadership of Chairman Chai Shaoyi, came to my bed to cheer for me, and the union also sent condolences and repeatedly told me to let me rest and recuperate. I am touched by the unit leaders and colleagues for their support and concern. Allow me to express my gratitude to them.

    Thirdly, I was deeply touched by the recognition of my behavior by Nantong citizens. When I returned to Nantong and purchased the Jianghai Evening News which had donated reports in my community, the owner recognized me and refused to pay for the newspaper. I insisted on it. When I paid, I said to me: "You donated all your bone marrow. Can't I just say something to you?" The recognition and recognition of donated bone marrow by an ordinary citizen really brought me warmth and moved me.
What I was most touched by was that when my colleagues from the same unit spoke to me last night, they said the most: I will join the Chinese bone marrow bank tomorrow and donate my bone marrow. I experienced the whole process of donation myself. The donation of hematopoietic stem cells didn't bring discomfort to me. Therefore, I personally appealed to every caring citizen to join this love community. It is not terrible to donate hematopoietic stem cells, and our little effort can save the lives of a dying leukemia patient. Such a good thing is worthy of every caring citizen friend to do together.