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A) The height of the building or structure → We set the height of the tower crane for you
B) Or you directly request the installation height requirements (need to consider free swing, spreader, lifting angle and other factors)

Typical descriptions are as follows: The heaviest part is 22 tons, which is 15 meters away from the center of the tower crane; next it is required to lift 8.3 tons at 30 meters; the arm length is planned to be 70 meters, and the arm lifting weight is not required.
That is, three key points: the maximum weight, the typical node, and the farthest end.

A) External attachment
B) inner crawl
C) Walking

 A) Independent basis. Is pile foundation construction?

B) The foundation is combined with a large floor or platform.

C) special basic mode

 such as:

Plan to do the main building and then do the podium;
The core tube exceeds the structure 3 layers;
Tower cranes need to be installed before opening.

Such as: seaside; mountains; dense urban areas; surrounding high-voltage lines; how many meters there are adjacent buildings, on-site road height and so on.