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Industry practice uses a monthly system. Pay monthly. All casual days are counted as 1/30.
Please note that whether or not the monthly fee includes driver's fees depends on the agreement of both parties. Our model is generally included.

Generally speaking, all expenses except monthly fees are included in the entry and exit fees, but customers often need to list the following contents separately. Therefore, in addition to the following separate columns, the entry and exit fees include: transportation fees, mechanical labor costs for loading and unloading vehicles, labor costs for installation, labor costs for lifting and jointing, installation labor costs for attachment or internal crawling, and inspection and acceptance. The cost, labor costs required to remove.

This item is generally a deposit type. The user pays in advance. After the crane is removed, the user is responsible for playing the basic pieces and is basically in good condition. The deposit can be returned.

The construction unit can provide its own machinery and can avoid this cost in the contract.