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Nantong Dinghua donates stem cells
Editor's note: Ding Hua is the technical backbone of the business. He often sees his busy figure on the construction site. He is able to get rid of the problems in the engineering project; he is also the brother of the master in the colleagues, and anyone will help him. He will Helping each other; he took a good photo and built a copy of the file, which was displayed without reservation on the cultural wall of Nantong Base; he was also the chairman of the Nantong Party Committee of the Party Branch of Shanghai Pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd....
On May 23, Dinghua succeeded in matching successfully and donated stem cells.
The following is an e-mail and document sent to the editors by Dr. Dai Yamei, from the Red Cross Society of Nantong City, in order to publicize the recognition and development.
   “Ding Hua will be admitted to Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital on May 18. Hematopoietic stem cell donation will be made on May 23. This is a great humanitarian charity. To save a dying leukemia patient, Ding Hua has been We will actively cooperate with the work of the Red Cross Society of Nantong City. It is such a caring employee that is also the pride of your organization. Here, we would like to thank your organization for its strong support for the cause of hematopoietic stem cell donation."
- Editorial Department
     Attachment: Letter of the Red Cross Society:
Nantong Red Cross Document
About Ding Hua's Letter to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Shanghai Pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd.:
Nantong Pangyuan Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., your wholly-owned subsidiary, went to Deputy Chief Ding Hua on May 22, 2003 to register to become a registered volunteer for hematopoietic stem cell donation and to collect blood samples for entry into the Chinese Bone Marrow Bank. On November 11, 2011, I received a notice from the Provincial Society of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Database Management Center that Ding Hua matched the initial HLA matching for patients with total leukemia. In accordance with the relevant procedures for donation, I will contact Ding Hua and seek the opinions of himself and his family. With all their consent, on November 19, Comrade Ding Hua carefully filled out “Remobilization Record” and “Volunteer Four copies of information on the Health Status Consultation Form, Re-Mobilization of Informed Consent, and Volunteer Remobilization Receipt were faxed to Provincial Red Cross Society on the same day. On December 1st, the provincial Red Cross informed Ding Hua of conducting a high-resolution test. On December 6th, I would accompany Comrade Ding Hua to carry out the separation and sampling. The same day, blood samples were sent to the Suzhou Blood Center for testing. On February 27th, 2012, I received a notice from the Provincial Red Cross. On February 29th, Comrade Ding Hua arranged for a comprehensive health examination at the attached Liyuan Hospital of Nantong University. All physical examination data was faxed to the provincial Red Cross Society.

On May 2nd, I will be informed by the Provincial Red Cross Society to arrange volunteers Ding Hua to stay at the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital for physical examination as soon as possible, and to collect hematopoietic stem cells after passing the examination. According to the relevant provisions of the donation, I will call Ding Hua Lover Luo Yanhong on May 3 to discuss the donation. With the consent of himself and his family, Ding Hua signed the "Consent to donate hematopoietic stem cells" on May 4th. This material was faxed to the Provincial Red Cross Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Database Management Center. Ding Hua was admitted to Drum Tower Hospital of Nanjing on May 18 and made donations on May 23rd.
According to the relevant provisions of the Red Cross Societies of China Red Cross Society and the Jiangsu Red Cross, donors donate for one month (9-10 days for donations and 2-3 weeks after donation). During this period, it is recommended that your organization provide care and attention. Comrade Ding Hua was given a half-month donation holiday and the wages and benefits during the period remained unchanged. In addition, in order to vigorously promote the "humanity, love, dedication," the spirit of the Red Cross, Nantong Red Cross will give Comrade Ding Hua a certain amount of condolences, please your organization can also give a certain reward.
To save an unfamiliar leukemia patient, Comrade Ding Hua carries an unselfish and loving heart and donates blood stem cells to Nanjing. Not only is Ding Hua's glory, the glory of his family, but also your organization. Glory.
I sincerely thank your organization for cultivating a good employee who is highly ethical and selfless. I sincerely thank your organization for its dedication to Comrade Ding Hua's donation of hematopoietic stem cells and give him great support for the work of the Nantong Red Cross Society!


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